Тақырыбы:                 «Менің өмірімдегі ағылшын тілінің рөлі»

Бағыты:                       Ағылшын тілі


The aim of research work: Exploring the role of modern English and the importance of English in my life.


Hypothesis: Materials were collected and it helps to show the main idea of the research work.

The stages: Materials were collected and it helps to show the main idea of the research work.

1. Necessary literatures and articles was found and collected.

2. Information and materials were checked.

3. All materials were collected and shown the result of research work. The research work was written.


The methods of research work: To collect and systematize materials.


To novelty of research work: To investigate all the collected materials and to present it in English language


The result of research work: As a result of this work, the interest in the English language has grown and it will be widely used.


The relevance of research work: Today, English has the status of the language of international communication. And any modern person thinks that this language is necessary for understanding the world. I wanted to show you the role of English in my life.

«Менің өмірімдегі ағылшын тілінің рөлі» тақырыбындағы ғылыми жұмысына

П і к і р

Бұл жұмыста жас зерттеуші Көшербаева Амираның қазіргі заманда ағылшын тілінің қаншалықты маңызды екендігі, өзінің ағылшын тілі пәніне деген қызығушылығы туралы  жазғандығы байқалды. Сонымен қатар, жоғары деңгейге жеткен елдермен  қарым –қатынасымызды нығайту үшін, өзінің болашақ мамандығы үшін ағылшын тілін білу өте маңызды деп есептейді. Жобаның мақсаты-қазіргі замандағы ағылшын тілінің рөлін оқушы өз өміріндегі ағылшын тілінен мысалдар келтіре отырып зерттеуге бағытталған. Зерттеу жұмысында оқушының тілге деген қызығушылығын , болашақта осы тіл арқылы өз мамандығын тапқысы келетіндігін түсіндім. Оқушы өте жас болса да, арман-мақсаттарының биік екенін осы жұмысында көрсете білген. Оқушының жас ерекшелігін ескере отырып, бұл жұмысты қорғауға лайықты деп  есептеймін.


  1. Introduction

1.1.English is a means of communication.

  1. Main part

2.1. Rules of learning English.

2.2. English helps us in our life.

  1. Conclusion.

List of references


Today there are many countries in the world, and the languages ​​spoken by the population are a thousand times more. The question arises as to how people in each country can communicate with one another. In this case, people, regardless of nationality, can understand each other and exchange information with the help of world languages. Among such languages, English is in the first place. English is the main communication in  the world. English is a way to better life. (J. Thurber)

Not so long ago, English was a common foreign language, but now it has risen to the world level and is the basic of world relations. Everyone wants to learn English. [3] «Kazakhstan should be recognized worldwide as a country of higher education using three languages. These are the Kazakh language – the state language, Russian  language of  communication and English  language of successful integration into the global economy, «the President said in his message. English is the first universal language. The role of the English language, which has an international character, plays an important role in the socio-economic and state understanding of the great nations and ethnic groups in the history of our country. Many countries around the world speak English. As this language is a global language today, it has a role in Kazakhstan and will be important in the future. Without knowledge of English, we will not be able to fully form a modern, competitive personality. Kazakhstan, which is far ahead of neighboring countries, also strives for multilingualism, so as not to be limited by its current achievements.[1]Wherever we are, we always hear English. This language is global to all modern humanity. It is important for people to have a common language to unite each other. Although English is not a native language, English-language newspapers are important in many cities. Learning English helps you to stay in touch with other countries. They read books by English writers and learn about the culture and ideology of that country. Many young people learn English at school and university, and most adults learn English when they travel to English-speaking countries. In today’s globalized world, multilingualism has a special place in society. We all know that learning another language, mastering it, first of all, plays a special role in international relations. Language develops and coexists with the people.  The growing role of the English language in Kazakhstan makes the issue of the state status of the Kazakh language more important. There is no harm in learning a language, but there are many benefits. The need for English today. Many parents understand the importance of English and try to find effective ways to teach their children. And the most effective ways to do this are: lessons, language courses, schools and Internet access. [3] English is very important for schoolchildren. English language helps to develop the child’s mental abilities, logical and abstract thinking, and opens up great opportunities for him in the future. Knowledge of English will allow you to participate in such events. Secondly, all important international sports competitions, including the Olympic Games, are held in English. Thirdly, knowledge of  English is a great opportunity for material wealth and career.[3]If you know English, you can travel around the world without any problems. All this encourages the teaching of English among the population. Many people in our country are interested English language. In my school pupils study two foreign language: English and Russian. I would like to say that English plays a great role in our life. As for me I study English, because, it is very useful for travelling. I like English language and my favourite subject is English. Our English lessons are interesting. At our English lessons we speak English a lot, translate from English into Kazakh, read texts, repeat words and ask questions, we learn poems, we play games. I always prepare my homework well and I never get bad marks in English. I watch video films and listen to songs in English.  I like English music very much, especially English music.  I want to read English books. I’ll need for my future education.  I learn many poems in English lesson.1)    Twinkle, twinkle, little star           How I wonder what you are?           Up above the what so high           Like a diamond in the sky!2)    One, one, one, Little dogs runTwo,two,two,  Cats see youThree, three, three, Birds on the treeFour, four, four, Mouse on the floor!  [2] I study English, because , I want to make friends in different countries. I would like to get a better job in future. How can I use English in my daily life? Learn phrases, listen to more English, practice thinking in English.  I would like my future profession to be connected with English language and I hope that I will speak English very well in the future. In conclusion, the role of modern English can be said for a long time.  Each of us may have our own reasons for learning English, but it is an important component of a modern successful person. And the practical significance of this work is that anyone who reads this work will want to learn English. As this language is a global language today, it has a role in Kazakhstan and will be important in the future. [4]

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