My motherland

“One nation, one destiny”

«One love, one heart, one destiny»

Bob Marley.

«The homeland is hotter than fire», «for the sake of the homeland, go into the fire, you won’t burn», our ancestors did not say in vain. For every person, there is no place where they were born and grew up, that is, a place where they are dear to their Motherland. Each person’s homeland connects them with their country, past and future. That’s why even from childhood a person awakens a feeling of love for his or her homeland. Our heroic ancestors fought for the Great Motherland until they received land and left it to their ancestors. Our traditions, spiritual wealth, national identity and deep history lie in this vast Motherland.

Kazakhstan gained independence relatively recently – only 29 years ago. But its history began long before that. Many centuries ago, the caravans of nomads sailed across the vast expanses of our country like ships on the sea. On 16 December 1991, the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh SSR adopted the Law «On the Independence and Sovereignty of the State». The Republic of Kazakhstan was the last among the Soviet Union republics to pass a law on independence. The history of our independence is a clear illustration of the strength of spirit and the ability to withstand difficulties. How many people have donated themselves in order to be an independent nation and independent  country. They were not afraid to tell the truth or what they thought.  Millions of people were on strike for independence. They wanted freedom and a happy future for the people and the country. They never gave up. I think that we should never forget those who fought in bloody wars. This is why we must not forget that we are always in debt to our country.

Summarizing every time I remember what a path to independence was, I can accurately call myself a patriot of my country. I am proud and cherish my country, Kazakhstan.  And I want the next generation to know about our ancestors’ heroic deeds and to be proud of them. And I believe that the most important thing for us is the unity of our people. And this is the only way we will be able to achieve success. And I am confident that we will overcome all difficulties and make our country strong, prosperous and respected in the world by other countries. Everything depends on us and the future of the country is in our hands.

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