«Let’s the sun always shine»

The earth is our home and we must take of it for ourselves and for the generations to come.We know that each of us has his own newpoint on his life and future. People of different nations live in a peace and agreement in one world. As an example I would time to tell in brief about country.Today the Republic of Kazakhstan is a symbol of Frendship between people of a different nationalities.The coat of arms of Kazakhstan shows 2 hands shaking each other in demonstrations of friendship and unity.

Peace and tranquility play an important role in our life.Even today we  try to live in Peace is not only peace an unity,it is our security and freedom.Peace is mutual respect between people.

However in the current century,we are witnessing conflicts in human relations.It depends not only on people,but also on disputes between countries.If countries fight for land,people fight for their rights.It seems that everyone loses respect for each other.

Preservation of unity and struggle for peace are among the most pressing issues today.Of course,the dream of every country is to preserve peace and unity as well as the desire for a peaceful life for future generations.This will pave the way for future prosperity.

But a peaceful life is not gift for everyone.Why?The answer to this question many,because there are disagreements between the people and the leadership,the inability to find a common language,war,people fighting not for each other, but for themselves,can only achieve a peaceful life. Remember,if you want to live in peace and tranquility,first of all start with yourself.

We are all different but we are all together we are all children of the god and live in one world let’s try to do best in keeping peace in the world. We all know that the Earth won’t remain forever. Thank to the god we all live in a peace now. I hope that in will be so in the future.

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