My dream

The future belongs to those, who believe in beauty of their dreams.

Every person has imagination, which can enter our thoughts. It is hard to imagine the life without dreams. Dreams are something that inspires, makes you to set goals and develop your skills. A dream is a cherished wish that promises happiness. For the sake of it, a person can move mountains, overcome obstacles one by one. To dream means to become strong. Our imagination draws them to us, not letting us stop there, forcing us to move forward all the time to the alluring prospect of bringing what we want to life. Our dreams are very similar, but at the same time everyone has something personal to dream about.

I’m no exception either.  I have a dream too.  Sometimes I sit on social networks and look at beautiful photos of people.  A lot of people, while I am studying, are sitting on the shore of the ocean or the sea and enjoying the tranquility. My dream is to travel the world.  For me, traveling is an opportunity to combine worlds. . There are many wonderful cities in the world that I’d like to see. The whole world is open to people and I have enough time to explore everything. I dream of visiting many cities and countries around the world. Try croissants and coffee in Paris, visit the Statue of Liberty in New York, ride a camel through the Ancient city of Petra in Jordan, jump with a parachute in San Francisco, ride through the night streets of Venice by boat. But before that, I want to enroll in a prestigious university or institute, finish my studies, get an excellent profession and go on a trip.  I shouldn’t sit still and just talk about how hard it is to live with an impossible dream.  And in general, a dream is a goal, and to perform  any  goal, you have to try. And in the future I will make every effort to realize my dream. After all, if I don’t do it myself, then no one will try for me. I want to finish my essay with the wonderful lines of the Brazilian poet and novelist Paulo Coelho: «Dreams nourish our soul, just as food nourishes the body. No matter how many times in our lives we have to survive a crash and see our hopes shattered, we still have to keep dreaming.  If this fails, then indifference takes hold of us.»

Therefore, dream, love and enjoy life!

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