My British cat


It is that the world of cats is diverse. There are many different breeds of cats that satisfy one or another of the requirements of a person. I have always been interested in cats, their character and behavior, so I decided to conduct my research work with one of the most popular cat breeds – these are British.

Subject of study: British cats.

I put forward the following hypotheses:

  • people want to get cats of certain breeds;
  • British cats are most calm unlike other breeds;
  • may be more independent.

The history of the emergence of British cats

Now British cats are one of the most popular breeds in Europe and Kazakhstan. In great Britain, as in continental Europe, domestic cats originally came from Egypt, Asia Minor, and the Mediterranean Islands.

Breed standard

British cats have a large, round head with broad cheekbones, and their forehead is convex. The muzzle is short, with puffy cheeks. The nose is short and wide, eyes set wide, round, large, ears wide set. The coat is short, plush, with stuffed undercoat. Many people only imagine British cats as smoky, blue, or striped cats, and they don’t even know what variety of colors the breed has.

Types of colors of British cats:

Smoky, gold, silvery, tortoiseshell, color point, spotted, striped, marble, ticked.

British cat character

British cats are great as a pet for a modern person. They tolerate loneliness well. At the same time, these are social animals that will be happy to play, run, jump, and flirt with the owner. In leaving they are unpretentious, increased attention to wool is required during molting. British kittens must remain with their mother for up to 12 weeks, it is not recommended to take the animal earlier.

By their nature, cats of the British breed are peaceful, aristocratic, somewhat arrogant, can show hostility to other animals, but in general they get along well with cats and dogs. They love space, therefore they willingly walk on the street, looking around all around.

5 features of British cats:

  1. Recognizable appearance

The British cats are not just beautiful, they are also not to be confused with anyone. Cheeked, with a flat face and huge eyes – real owls! Large, tightly knit cats 5-7 kg in weight with a short tail. Unfortunately, unfair breeding has led to the fact that the British cats have problems with bite, overly narrowed nostrils (brachiocephalic syndrome), obstruction of the lacrimal ducts (eyes constantly flow). Another scourge of the breed is a genetic heart disease – hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Therefore, it is recommended to buy British kittens not «by ad», but in professional nurseries with a good reputation. Only in this case you will receive an animal with good health, which will live for many years.

  1. Thick thick coat

The British belong to short-haired breeds, but their chip is a thick undercoat combined with a short outer hair. As a result, the cat looks and feels like a plush! Previously, cats of a blue color prevailed in the breed, many even believe that the British are not of a different color. However, they can be tortoiseshell, black, and chocolate, and the British with the silver tabby color are now particularly popular. Tabby is when a bright pattern appears in the form of a tiger, leopard or marble pattern on the main background.

  1. The calm nature

Up to a year, the British show the playfulness characteristic of all kittens, then activity begins to decline. No, an adult cat does not mind “hunting” for a bow, but if you do not touch it, he prefers to fall apart on the couch. British cats devote a lot of time to grooming. But cats of this breed are relatively rarely bullies. It is unusual for them to steal food from the table, to spoil furniture. They behave quite aristocratically.

  1. Demanding on conditions of detention

British cats can have sensitive digestion, so you should avoid sweets from the table or a sharp change in food. Some have to regularly give malt paste to remove wool in order to avoid vomiting with wool sausages.

  1. Independent

The main feature of the breed, which you need to know in advance. The British are independent cats living their own lives. Such a cat has no owners, he is his own master. You can love him from afar, care for and feed him, but do not expect adoration in return. These cats are not only reluctant to sit on their hands, but sometimes they do not even allow to stroke themselves.But this is an ideal, not intrusive cat for business people who are absent for a long time at home. The Briton does not suffer alone and knows how to occupy himself. In other words, if you dream of an affectionate, cute pet, do not get fooled by the plush appearance of the British, and consider other, more contact breeds of cats. British cats are beautiful and intelligent, so once falling in love with this breed, people give birth to British cats again and again, without even considering other options

Veterinarian Tips

Cats belong to the class of predatory mammals, which suggests that their diet should be 90% composed of animal products. These are: meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, ideally, everything should be given raw. Knowing this, you will not feed your cat canned food of unknown origin and pasta. Pamper your pet with a liver every 5-6 days.

Do not forget about annual vaccination. And do not miss the vaccinations that need to be done at the age of 2-3 months, they protect the animal from most infections.

The main condition for your pet to be healthy is to have a good veterinarian whom you will trust. Take the time and energy to look for a qualified specialist and you will be rewarded with the well-being of your animal.

The habits of British cats

British cats eventually develop habits that their owners do not always like. Habits are formed up to a year, and it is better to immediately stop those habits that you do not like.Most Britons like to get into bags, bags, boxes, etc. They do this because of their curiosity for new smells.Most British cats have a habit of biting their hands or feet. From 4 months old, new teeth begin to be cut, and over time, if you do not stop teasing a kitten, it can develop into his habit.

Another habit of British cats – they like to sleep on the same bed with the owners.They also like to throw objects off the table and watch them fall.

I also conducted my research on «The habits of 5 British cats»:

Want to sleep during the day -one hundred percent

They want to eat -one hundred percent

Want to play – forty percent

Want to hunt birds –eighty percent

Something does not like -eighty percent

Sleeping cats can tell us a lot. Not telepathically. Here are some tips on how to read the cat’s body posture in a dream.

Cat sleep is an exciting phenomenon that will require at least a few huge volumes to describe. No wonder, because sleep is a very important part of cat’s life. Our pets sleep from sixteen  to twenty  hours a day!

When the room is cool, the animal instinctively curls up, hiding its legs below and wrapping itself in its tail. When the cat’s nose is hidden under its paws, this means that the animal is really very cold (or, which is also possible, he wants to hide from the world). By reducing the surface of the body exposed to external factors, the cat loses much less heat and protects itself from the cold.

Best places for cat sleep

My box is my fortress. A cardboard box is a versatile piece of furniture for cats, including one of your favorite sleep shelters. Ideally, they should be slightly larger than a cat, but not too large, say, the size of four shoe boxes combined. The box in which food is ordered and cat litter will work just fine. You can throw a fleece blanket inside. Place the box in a quiet place in the room – the cat will find it herself.

In what poses do cats sleep and what does it mean?

Sphinx pose

Do you remember this great statue located next to the Egyptian pyramids? This is the position of the sphinx – lying on its stomach, with straight legs extended parallel to the ground, with a raised head, slightly lowered to the legs or lying on the extended legs. Only eyes indicate cat sleep. From this position, the cat can literally jump on four legs. Cats use this pose for a short sleep in situations where they do not feel completely safe and want to be ready for immediate activity.

Shrimp pose

This position is often taken by dogs, but also by cats. The body lies on its side, the legs are extended perpendicular to it or slightly inclined. This is also the position from which the cat can quickly move to full activity. It differs from the pose of the sphinx in that the animal has a great sense of security – it is not afraid to reveal a vulnerable tummy. This may also indicate that the animal is hot.

Pretzel Pose

The cat lies on its side, its body is strongly curved, so that its head touches its hind legs.

Classics – cats and dogs, equivalent to human sleep on their sides. This means that the animal has plunged into a longer and deeper sleep, and we can expect episodes of dreams (phases of REM sleep with traditionally quick eye movement, muscle tremors, and even mumbling and growling). When a cat is cold, she curls more tightly. Such a cat’s dream can be accompanied by purrs that do not threaten anything. In some phases of deep sleep, cats’s muscles are completely relaxed, and their body is inert – you can calmly pick up and raise a cat’s tail, paw, then release it, and the cat will not even blink.

With a nose in the pillow

A sleeping cat with its nose buried in a pillow, either with its tail covered or hidden between its paws, tells you: “I ask for privacy. Because the day was so tiring … «Hidden nose is almost like a hidden cat, at least, so say scientists.

On the back

In this position, the abdominal cavity is quite open and defenseless, and the legs are spread to the sides or slightly pulled up to the body. If it so happens that your pet is sleeping like this – congratulations! This means that your cat fully trusts you, endlessly and unconditionally. Do not disappoint his trust and do not think of accidentally stroking her tummy unexpectedly! An open «chassis» is not an invitation to play and caress – in feline language it all means: «I must not protect myself from you, because you are the one who protects me from the world.»

Survey of students.

24 students of class 6 «A» took part. 4 questions were asked.

Guestions Yes No
1 Do you like cats 18 8
2 Do you know about the British cat breed 12 12
3 Do you have a British cat 2 22
4 I would like to have a British cat at home 16 8

Survey after the report

Guestions Yes No
1 Do you know about the British cat breed 24 0
2 I would like to have a British cat at home 22 2


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