“One day without Internet”

The Internet is a great invention. He has changed the lives of almost everyone on our planet. Many things have become easier and can be done in a comfortable, home environment. It is difficult to imagine our life without the Internet at the present time. It has become an important part of every person’s life. With the help of online stores, we purchase the goods we need and do not stand in lines, listen to music, watch films, and have any information. We write letters to each other in electronic format, read e-books, receive a salary in electronic money, meet people from different parts of the world. Thanks to the Internet, people can do many different things without leaving their homes. This raises the question – is life now possible without the Internet? Perhaps it is possible, but it is very difficult to imagine. People very quickly get used to any changes and the Internet in everyone’s life has become a common thing. But once upon a time there were no telephones, cars, electricity, and people did just fine without all this. But now the Internet is closely connected with our affairs, habits, work, leisure, and a host of other things, that life without it seems unrealistic. But if you think about it, how much free time will appear if you are distracted from the monitor screen for several hours a day.
Most likely there are people living without the Internet. Will we be able to spend one day without internet? I think we can have a good and fun day off the internet. You can take a break from the Internet on the same day. The Internet takes up a lot of our time. People on the internet do not notice how quickly time passes. Perhaps this is a good day to finish the postponed work. For example, you can finish reading your favorite unfinished book, clean and tidy up your house, and go about your hobbies. You can take care of your family and go shopping with your mom or sister. By the way, don’t forget to go outside, take a walk and have a picnic. We must go for a walk in the evening. This is because if we don’t leave the house, we may have a headache, so we should go outside more often.
However, I must say that there are advantages and disadvantages in using the Internet. The Internet affects us very strongly, especially young people. There are many diseases that result from people playing computer games, spending too much time on social networks. We play less and less sports and walk, and spend time sitting at the computer. Also, when using a computer, there is a possibility that you will become a victim of virtual scammers who may try to steal your money.
In conclusion, I want to say that, despite the possible benefits of living without the Internet, I am not going to give up this useful invention, because I am much more comfortable with it. Knowing its negative sides, I will try to reduce them, because the advantages of the worldwide computer network are more important to me. Moreover, I believe that a person should make claims to himself, and not to modern technologies. The Internet is only a tool that is beneficial or harmful, depending on who gets it into and for what purpose it is used.

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