Lesson: Animals School: Sh.Ualikhanov
Date: 29.11.18 Teacher`s name: Anuarova Gaukhar
Class: Number present : absent:
Learning  objectives (s) that  this  lesson is contributing  to 1.L3 recognise with support simple greetings

recognise the spoken form of a limited range of basic and everyday classroom words

1.R1 recognise initial letters in names and places

1.S3 pronounce basic words and expressions intelligibly

Lesson objectives All  learners  will  be  able to pronounce basic words denoting animals

Most  of  learners  will  be  able to understand the meaning of new words

Some learners  will  be  able to se some short answer forms correctly

Previous  learning Days of the week
Planned timings Planned  activities (replace  the notes  below with  your  planned activities) Resourses
Start Greeting

—Stand  up!

— Good morning, boys and girls!

— Good morning, teacher!

— How are you today?

—We are fine.

—Sit down, please!

—What was your home task for today?

—Days of the week

Review days of week.

-What day is it today?

—Today is Thursday.

-What day will be tomorrow?

– Tomorrow will be Friday

– What day was it yesterday?

-Yesterday was Wednesdy.

Listening : Teacher: Now dear children all look at the video. Dear boys and girls! So, pupils how do you think? What about our lesson?Yes you are right. Today we are going to speak about animals. in the forest, in the house, in the zoo деп жазылып тұр.)Teacher: Look at the blackboard. You can see places where animals can liveLook at the blackboard and listen to me.

To introduce with new words:  

Zebra- зебра              Cow – сиыр            Bear -аю

Giraffe- жираф            Sheep – қой            Wolf – қасқыр

Lion- арыстан              Horse – жылқы       Fox – түлкі

Tiger – жолбарыс       Pig – торай

Panda – панда














































Farm animals A cow, a sheep, a horse

Wild animals a fox, a wolf, a bear

Domestic animals a dog, a cat, a duck

Farm animals.

It’s a cow. It’s a sheep. It’s a horse.

Wild animals.

It’s a wolf. It’s a fox. It’s a bear.

Domestic animals

It’s a duck. It’s a cat. It’s a dog.

Мұғалім «А sheep is a farm animal. A bear is a wild animal», кұрылымымен таныстырады.

A bear is a wild animal. It is in the forest (осылайша сабақта аталған барлық жануарлар туралы айтыңыз).

Жаңа құрылымды барлығы дауыстап және жеке-дара пысықтайды, оқушылардың әрқайсысы осы фразаларды айтуына қол жеткізіңіз.

Осы құрылымды бекіту және меңгерілгенін бақылау үшін мұғалім ол айтқан фразаны аяқтауды сұрайды.

Мұғалім: A horse is a (farm)… animal. It is on the (farm)…

Одан әрі окушылар оқулықтағы суреттерді пайдалана отырып, бұл құрылымды өздері айтады.

1-окушы: A cow is a farm animal.

2-оқушы: A fox is a wild animal.

3-оқушы: A dog is a domestic animal.

Listen to the story about the 3 little pigs..

Look. These are 3 little pigs. They are brothers.

This is the first little pig.

This is the second little pig.

And this is the third little pig.

They have little houses. This is the first little house. This house is not strong.

This is the second little house. And this house is not strong.

This is the third little house. Look at it. It is very strong.

Oh no! Look! The wolf! The wolf is not kind.

The first little pig: Oh! I don’t have my house anymore.

The second little pig: Oh! I don’t have my house anymore.

We don’t have our houses anymore.

You have a strong house!























The 3 little pigs




























Teacher gives her comments about students work and awards students giving images of different smiles.


“Excellent”        “Very well”       “Good”

Your work today was brilliant! Tell me, please the translation of the next words you have learnt at the lesson.

The lesson is over. Good bye

Additional  information
Differentiation – how do you   plan to  give more support?  How do you plan to challenge  the more  able learners? Assessment – how  are  you planning  to  check  learners` learning? Cross – curricular  links

Health  and  safety check

ICT  links

Values  links


Were  the lesson objectives / learning  objectives realistic?

What  did the learners  learn today?

What was the learning  atmosphere  like? Did my planned  differentiation  work well? Did  I stick to timings?

What changes  did I make  from  my  plan and  why?

Use  the  space below  to reflect on  your lesson. Answer  the most  relevant  questions  from  the  box  on the left  about  your  lesson
Summary  evolution

What   two  things  went  really  well (consider  both  teaching  and learning?)



What   two  things would have improved  the  lesson  (consider  both  teaching  and learning?)



What  have  I  learned  from  this  lesson  about  the  class  or  individual   that  will  inform  my next  lesson



 The Methodist: 

The school teacher:     

The mark:

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