My learning way of English

My name is Kulkaev Dias. I am from Aktau. In our city there is a wonderful college, where study many students from Aktau and other cities. And I am one of them. I am third-year student of Caspian College “Bolashak” My faculty is “Building”.

When I was a child I didn’t interested in English. It was difficult and boring to me. But in 2019, I have started learning. Because I understood how knowledge of English can influence for my future. Some my group mates think, that we don’t use English in our profession. May be they are right. But we can use English in our life. And some of my friends agree with me. If I know English, I can watch movie and read historical books in original, not translation version. Original version is more interesting. Also I can use my knowledge abroad, because I have planned to go there. Not only for travel, but for living and working. English is the international language, I can use it everywhere.

So I wrote why I am learning English. And then I want to tell you about my learning way of English. I have my special copybook for English words and phrases. In this copybook I write new information and materials, grammar rules and slangs. In this way, I can remember them and use in dialogues and reading. Not only speaking, but listening is important too. So I watch interesting videos on You Tube in different themes, films and serials.  I think it is very useful. We should understand foreigners. Also I use some grammar sites for improve my grammar. English grammar is not so easy, especially Tenses. Sometimes I make mistakes in my sentences of course. But I try to remember rules. Also I visit English courses and speaking clubs. Where we discuss, tell our opinions and listening each other. It is very useful for me.

I think I choose right way for learning. Especially I am happy, that I understood the importance of  English in time.

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