Great poet-Abai Kunanbauev

The great poet Abai kunanbayev was born in 1845 in the village of Chingiz,Semipalatinsk district. His real name is Ibrahim. For us, Abai is a great poet. You can get a lot of life experience` by readings  the words of our «grandfather».  Abai’s 175th anniversary to be celebrated throughout 2020. Abai’s creativity should be in the mind of every man. In our school  teachers are  forming the literary taste of  younger generation by organize the different types of  competitions, and also we have online competitions too. For example, « Abai readings». Such kind of competitions demonstrate pupils  not only the skill of recitation, but also a decent knowledge of Abai’s works, trying to present less known, but no less profound poems of the poet. Abai believed that first and foremost education and science  are able to change the existing system. Abai’s literary and aesthetic heritage is the national pride of the the Kazakh people. The city,streets,theaters, libraries and other objects on territory of Kazakhstan are named in honour of Abai.

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